Wedding Videos

Highlight Video:   

It includes audio of the highlights from the ceremony as well as the best shots of the day from getting ready, pictures, and reception. It will have audio of the vows, rings, kiss, and introduction of the couple in addition to shots of the bride and her father, and other ceremony highlights. Bonus: complimentary audio of first look or exchanging letters and gifts. I recommend reading letters aloud; it’s a nice addition to the video. Free all-day coverage, free music, free, separate ceremony video. 



Full-length with Interviews:  If you want your love story told through interviews with your loved ones. Interviews with the bride, groom, parents, siblings, best man, and maid of honor. I’ll ask questions like, “How did you know your partner was right for you? What do you want to tell your partner on your wedding day?” Everything the Highlight Video includes plus the interviews, free music, free all-day coverage and a free, separate ceremony video.  $1775.


2 Videographers:   

The Full-Length with Interviews package plus 2 videographers. If the you want the best package, I recommend having 2 videographers capturing every moment to ensure you don’t miss anything. As you know, planning a wedding is a challenge, shooting video of everything is difficult too. Having another professional videographer shoot the wedding with me makes everything easier, thus making your video better. Includes free music, free all-day coverage and a free, separate ceremony video. $2275.

A Social Media Teaser Film, ready in 7 days, can be added for only $245